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February 6, 2018
Chairing Skills be most effective as a chair
May 14, 2018

Outside bodies operating as a director/trustee

To understand the requirements, obligations, risks and challenges of acting as a council representative or nominee on an outside body e.g. as a company director or a trustee.

  • Any councillor who has been appointed to (or might be a candidate for) a role on an outside body e.g. a trust, a charity, a company, a governing body.
  • The different types of outside body to which a councillor might be appointed (e.g. companies, trusts, charities)
  • The benefits and purpose of these roles
  • The legal framework for these bodies
  • The roles and responsibilities of a councillor on an outside body
  • The risks of undertaking these roles and how to mitigate them – conduct, insurance and indemnities
  • How to deal with conflicts
  • Danger areas to avoid including insolvency and personal liability

Clear and informative; well presented; very perceptive and specific to the council

District Councillor

Addresses all the skills but particularly

  • Local leadership
  • Partnership working
  • Political understanding

That councillors undertaking these roles are confident in their responsibilities, can perform them well for the benefit of the body and the council, and can identify/mitigate risks.

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