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May 14, 2018
Social Media: opportunity and danger zones
November 14, 2018

Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion: a fair, equitable and inclusive culture

To reflect on how equalities, diversity and inclusion relate to the role of an elected councillor.

To equip councillors to feel more confident in developing themselves and their authorities towards best practice in this field.

  • Newly elected councillors (ideal as part of an induction programme)
  • Refresher know-how for returning councillors
  • Any councillors involved in specific roles making decisions which require an awareness of equalities, diversity and inclusion
  • Councillors with a particular leadership role in the council e.g. Chair/Mayor, Leaders of groups, portfolio holders, scrutiny chairs.
  • Where does equalities, diversity and inclusion impact on the role of a councillor
    • Individual conduct and behaviour
    • Council decision making e.g. service delivery, policy development, partnership working, community leadership
    • The organisational culture of the council
  • The legal and policy framework
    • Equalities Act 2010 and the Public Sector Equalities Duty
    • The LGA Equality Framework for Local Government
      • Knowing your communities
      • Leadership, partnership and organisational commitment
      • Involving your communities
      • Responsive services and customer care
      • A skilled and committed workforce
    • Human rights
    • Code of conduct for members
  • Tackling unconscious bias
  • The moral and business case for equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Current topical and challenging issues in this field
    • Gender pay gap
    • Casey report on community integration
    • Brexit
    • “Me Too”
    • The Prevent Agenda
    • Elections and political debate - strong expressions of views/freedom of expression
  • Particular issues in your council
  • Practical actions to take forward

The training was fantastic - we have had great feedback from the committee members. It was incredibly informative but also accessible and relevant.

Course Delegate

That councillors feel confident in understanding the equality, diversity and inclusion agenda and how it relates to their role as a councillor.

That councillors have a greater awareness of how they can individually and collectively contribute to a fair, equitable and inclusive culture.  

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