Robust decision making: challenges and responsibilities
February 6, 2018
Successful relationships between councillors and officers
February 6, 2018

Standards and probity: national standards & local approach

To explore the national statutory requirements for standards and conduct relating to councillors in local government and to fully understand your council’s local approach.

  • Newly elected councillors (ideal as part of an induction programme)
  • All councillors as a refresher
  • Councillors on Standards Committees
  • Independent Persons involved in standards matters
  • The national statutory regime relating to standards and conduct in local government
  • The conduct and behaviour expected of elected councillors including examples of previous cases
  • Danger areas to avoid
  • Your council’s code of conduct and arrangements for dealing with complaints of breach and sanctions
  • Interests and conflicts

Clear and precise delivery and content; good pace and right length

District Councillor

That all councillors fully understand the standard of conduct and behaviour required of an elected councillor and that any councillor involved in the consideration or hearing of complaints is confident in how to deal with them.

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