Successful relationships between councillors and officers
February 6, 2018
Probity and decision making in planning
February 6, 2018

Effective scrutiny methods and good practice

To consider the role of scrutiny in the council, to review methods of effective scrutiny and to identify good practice and top tips.

  • Councillors in a scrutiny role
  • Councillors in a leadership role subject to scrutiny
  • Councillors involved in joint scrutiny e.g. of health functions
  • The statutory requirements for scrutiny
  • Call-in of decisions
  • Scrutiny of policy development
  • Scrutiny of health and other services
  • Methodologies of scrutiny
  • Examples of best practice and top tips

Workshop examples were so useful

Independent Member, Standards Committee

That councillors involved in scrutiny are clear on options for approaching their role and best practice examples.

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