Effective scrutiny methods and good practice
February 6, 2018
Procurement & contracts: select, appoint and work with contractors
February 6, 2018

Probity and decision making in planning

To look in detail at decision-making in planning and the particular issues relating to probity, conflicts and interests.

  • Councillors on Planning Committees
  • Councillors focusing on planning and environment issues
  • Councillors on Standards Committees
  • Satisfying mandatory requirements for planning training
  • A refresher on local government decision making
  • The particular issues which arise in planning including
    • Conflicts
    • Declarations of interest
    • Predetermination and bias
    • Meetings with developers
    • Lobbying/interest groups
    • Site visits
    • Dealing with officer recommendations
  • How to approach the planning decision including
    • Planning policy
    • Material considerations
  • Appeals and costs
  • Useful cases and precedents
  • Relevant guidance and good practice
  • Local codes and protocols
  • Challenges to decisions – risks and mitigation

I enjoyed the course and thought it covered everything. I am not sure how it could be improved

Borough Councillor

That councillors with the responsibility for making planning decisions are confident in their roles and powers.

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