Probity and decision making in planning
February 6, 2018
New models of service delivery: commercial models, trusts, mutuals & more
February 6, 2018

Procurement & contracts: select, appoint and work with contractors

To understand the basics of public procurement and commercial contracting – how the council selects, appoints and works with contractors and the role of councillors.

  • Any councillor in a leadership role
  • Councillors holding relevant portfolios e.g. finance and partnerships
  • Councillors involved in scrutiny of major projects/outsourcings
  • How a council goes about procuring its supplies, services and major projects including
    • Engaging with suppliers
    • The council’s own rules and the wider legal framework
    • Social and environmental issues
    • Selecting and appointing suppliers
  • Running the contracts – management, monitoring and scrutiny
  • The role of councillors in procurement and contracts – things to watch out for.

A good balance between slides, workshops, and interactions

Monitoring Officer, Borough Council

That councillors understand the legal framework and local rules regulating the procurement of contractors and are confident in their role.

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