Procurement & contracts: select, appoint and work with contractors
February 6, 2018
Outside bodies: operating as a director/trustee
February 6, 2018

New models of service delivery: commercial models, trusts, mutuals & more

To explore different models emerging in local government to deliver services in new ways/to commercialise, to understand the impact on how councils operate and to consider councillor roles in these new arrangements.

  • All councillors in councils which are exploring new ways of working
  • Councillors in leadership roles who are driving change
  • Relevant portfolio holders
  • Drivers for change in local government
  • New models including
    • Shared services
    • Local authority trading companies
    • Other commercial models
    • Property/housing models
    • Joint ventures
    • Trusts
    • Mutuals
    • Social Impact Bonds
  • The best vehicles for different projects
  • Legal and governance issues to address
  • Roles of councillors in the new models

Beth Evans is an excellent trainer. Brilliant course. Superbly insightful.

Course Delegate

That councillors in councils which are exploring new models, thoroughly understand the options and evaluation process and that councillors where new models are in operation, are confident in the arrangements and their roles.

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