Being an effective councillor – learning from recent reports
February 9, 2017
Robust decision making: challenges and responsibilities
February 6, 2018

Being a councillor: the legal and governance framework

To provide an overview of the legal and governance framework which underpins the role of a councillor in local government.

  • Recently elected councillors
  • Refresher know-how for returning councillors
  • Councillors with a particular leadership role in the council
  • The basics of how a local authority operates
  • Local authority functions and powers
  • The role of an elected councillor – decision making, scrutiny, ward representation, quasi-judicial roles
  • Councillor decision making – collective and individual
  • Key legal areas including freedom of information and data
  • The risks and liabilities of being a councillor – danger areas to be aware of
  • Modern challenges and opportunities including social media
  • Top tips for effective operation as a councillor.

Informative and interesting as a new member

Town Councillor

That councillors have a strong understanding of the legal and governance framework surrounding the role of an elected councillor and confidence in their remit and powers.

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