Induction: how to hit the ground running as a new councillor – what you need to know about the legal and governance stuff!
February 9, 2017
Being a councillor: the legal and governance framework
February 6, 2018

Being an effective councillor – learning from recent reports

To use recent public reports to highlight learning points for councillors and to identify actions/changes to address risks.

Any councillor who is interested in keeping up to date with what’s happening in local government and particularly for councillors in leadership roles

  • Highlights from significant local government reports including:-
    • The Committee for Standards in Public Life
    • MHLGC report on Lessons from Recent Interventions
    • Public Interest reports on issues including financial failure, governance problems, commercial investment
  • Issues/challenges identified including:-
    • Good governance, particularly involving complex arrangements
    • The roles and responsibilities of members
    • Conduct, behaviour and culture
    • Effective member/officer relations
  • Mini case-studies and scenarios
  • Learning points and actions

The case studies were an excellent way to draw out opinions

District Councillor

That councillors are fully up to date with issues identified in other councils and feel confident in applying the learning to your council.

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