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May 14, 2018

Social Media opportunity and danger zones

To consider the opportunities offered to members by social media.
To reflect on danger zones.
To identify best practice and practical tips.

  • All members, particularly newly elected
  • Members who are not confident using social media
  • Members who want to expand their use of different methods of communication
  • What is social media and why does it matter
  • The use of social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs etc.
  • Jargon and myths
  • The line between public and private lives
  • The line between council business and party-political activity
  • The risks and danger zones including
    • Defamation
    • Breach of privacy
    • Code of conduct complaint
    • Information Commissioner action
    • Criminal offences
    • Civil action
  • Particular issues at election time
  • What is party political publicity
  • Available guidance and best practice

Good, wide-ranging discussion and engagement – thank you

Monitoring Officer, County Borough Council

Addresses the following skills

  • Communication skills
  • Local Leadership
  • Partnership working

That councillors feel confident in using social media, know the danger areas to avoid/reflect on, and know where to find guidance/best practice.

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